Why I Live and Serve in New England

People often ask why I do what I do, and why I moved halfway across the country. This study from the Barna Group shows America's most and least Bible-minded cities. Guess who is the least... That's why I live and do ministry in New England.

Excited for the Future

This summer was packed full of speaking engagements, traveling, and many opportunities to talk with people from other churches. In fact, even though it was one of my busiest summers, it was one of the best for that very reason. I was able to hear God-stories from other places around New England. One thing that … Continue reading Excited for the Future

Shining Like Stars at SICSC 2012

This past weekend, I flew to St. Louis, and then drove to southern Illinois (actually, I just rode along) for a chance to speak and play music at Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp. This was the fourth time I have made this trip, and it seems to get better every year. In addition to working … Continue reading Shining Like Stars at SICSC 2012