This summer was packed full of speaking engagements, traveling, and many opportunities to talk with people from other churches. In fact, even though it was one of my busiest summers, it was one of the best for that very reason. I was able to hear God-stories from other places around New England. One thing that I took away from all that was excitement.

When I first moved to New England, I moved with a missionary mentality. While it is true that the northeast and northwest are the most unchurched in the country, this summer ignited a new flame of passion for God’s Kingdom in this area. It is obvious that He is working, even in the middle of what looks like a hopeless situation. That is when He loves to work; when all hope is almost lost!

I listened to stories of how He is adding to churches’ numbers daily. I heard about people’s lives being changed. I learned of students who are having a serious impact on those around them. I witnessed God’s people striving to be in line with His will, and He was blessing them. I spoke with teens and adults who are on fire for Christ and want to give even more of their lives to Him.

Thank you for all your prayers and support! God is moving!! I cannot wait to see what He does next; it is very exciting!!

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