When Does Your Excitement Begin?

The other day, when I finished my fourth chapter of my thesis and my wife finished her third chapter, she began getting excited for the end. She looked at me and said something like, "Aren't you happy!?" Then, after talking a bit, she realized this was just another time when she was going to have … Continue reading When Does Your Excitement Begin?


Excited for the Future

This summer was packed full of speaking engagements, traveling, and many opportunities to talk with people from other churches. In fact, even though it was one of my busiest summers, it was one of the best for that very reason. I was able to hear God-stories from other places around New England. One thing that … Continue reading Excited for the Future

Excited About RCC’s First Elders

On January 16, 2011, Rockingham Christian Church made a big step forward in commissioning our first elders! This completes the process from us being a new church that depended on others to a church who completely supports itself internally. That's so cool. God seems to be moving and working in our growing church. Why does … Continue reading Excited About RCC’s First Elders