excited-man-pixabayThe other day, when I finished my fourth chapter of my thesis and my wife finished her third chapter, she began getting excited for the end. She looked at me and said something like, “Aren’t you happy!?” Then, after talking a bit, she realized this was just another time when she was going to have to wait to see my excitement.

My wife and I are similar in many ways, but one of the ways we differ is in our outlook with regard to excitement and anticipation. She is someone who gets very excited just knowing something is going to happen. For instance, she could not sleep days and weeks before we took our vacation to Walt Disney World last year. Similarly, she gets excited knowing what her birthday or Christmas gift is ahead of time, just because she loves the anticipation. I, on the other hand, do not get very excited about things before they happen. When it came to vacation, my happiness did not really start until I saw the welcome sign to Disney. I also do not want to know what my gifts are ahead of time. So, when it comes to this thesis, I will not experience complete excitement probably until I get the final word that I am all done, or it might even have to wait until after I walk across the stage and receive my diploma/degree.

In a way, I envy my wife’s outlook on life. Specifically, I think to how I should probably have more excitement about upcoming events in the life of the church. The biggest thing that should leave me elated is Jesus’ return and my upcoming home in Heaven, forever with the God who loves me so much. Sure, this does get me excited, but I often wonder if I should be even more happy. I mean, this is the greatest thing a Christ-follower will experience, and yet, does it affect me enough to change everything I do? I like to think it does, but I also cannot help to think I still have room to grow.

So, when does your excitement begin? Are you someone who loves the anticipation, or are you one who has to see it first? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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