Final Thesis Update: I Graduated with my Master of Arts Degree!

Even though it seems like a big blur, I finally have my Master of Arts degree from Lincoln Christian University.


When Does Your Excitement Begin?

The other day, when I finished my fourth chapter of my thesis and my wife finished her third chapter, she began getting excited for the end. She looked at me and said something like, "Aren't you happy!?" Then, after talking a bit, she realized this was just another time when she was going to have … Continue reading When Does Your Excitement Begin?

Thesis Help: Looking for Resources

Hey, everyone! Over the next several months, Yvette and I have made it our goal to finish our theses for LCU and finally graduate with our M.A.'s. So, in an effort to make sure I am thoroughly prepared to write this thing, I need some help. If you have any resources you think would help … Continue reading Thesis Help: Looking for Resources