Hey, everyone! Over the next several months, Yvette and I have made it our goal to finish our theses for LCU and finally graduate with our M.A.’s. So, in an effort to make sure I am thoroughly prepared to write this thing, I need some help. If you have any resources you think would help me, please let me know.

The main idea behind my thesis is mentoring — specifically adult-to-teen mentoring. My goal is to prove its importance (necessity?) in a church’s ministry to teens. I will be looking into the question of how we do youth ministry with a underlining idea that we should make mentoring the groundwork of the ministry. I plan on talking to “Big Brothers Big Sisters” and “The Mentoring Project,” as they are two of the top mentoring organizations in the country. There is a slight possibility that I might focus even more to talk about adult males mentoring teen males, but the need to narrow my focus is yet to be determined necessary.

I have a long list of books and journals already, but if you have any ideas, please send them my way. As with any big project, you will never have enough research. I just want to make sure I do my best before I start writing. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!!

One thought on “Thesis Help: Looking for Resources

  1. Hey Steven,

    It’s a little thing, and I am sure you are aware of it, but a few months ago, Search institute and Best Buy conducted some research that might be relevant to you. A quick Google search should find it. If not, holler back. I think i might can dig up the link. Best of luck with the research.

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