Ever since teaching the high school youth group a couple weeks ago, I’ve been thinking the cross of Jesus. Why is it that we place so much importance on the cross? Now, do not hear me wrong. I do not mean to downplay it at all! What I do mean to do is elevate something else, in addition to the cross.

Yes, the cross is incredibly important to us – it is how our punishment was taken for us and how we were shown forgiveness. However, I believe the empty tomb is also incredibly important. In it, Jesus conquered death for us, and we have hope of also conquering it when we live for Him. I do not think one is more important than the other. Together, they make up the most important part of our faith, as Christians.

So, why do we talk about the cross all year long in churches, but we tend to only mention the empty tomb around Easter? Yes, I know we do this about Jesus’ birth around Christmas, too, but that is another topic for another day. I do not think I am alone in considering Jesus’ resurrection just as equal as His death, so why do we not speak of it that much until the spring? Both come together as the key turning point in history, and they are the combined moment when we were able to truly connect with our Holy God.

Perhaps you and your church do focus on the resurrection quite often. If so, great job. For the rest of us, maybe we should remember the whole picture, instead of just the solemn “end.” Just because Jesus said, “It is finished,” does not mean that was it. I think He was referring to something else being finished. The weekend (and our hope) was just beginning!

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