Since moving to New England, I have been getting into their sports teams little by little. It was pretty easy to become a Red Sox fan, since they won the championship the year I moved. However, one team that I am just now getting behind is the Celtics. It is still hard for me to cheer for them when they play the Bulls, but that’s about it. They are a great team, and I am learning more and more about the players.

My awesome wife embraces my love for sports, and she has given me tickets twice in our two years of marriage. The first was for a Revolution (Major League Soccer) game. The second came for my birthday this past month. The tickets were for the Celtics game against the Rockets on January 10. It would be my first Celtics game, and my second NBA game ever.

The game was great, even though the Celtics lost. Houston was just having an awesome shooting night, as they probably hit 80% of their shots. It was a cool experience to be in that type of environment. With Celtics fans surrounding us and some popular players down on the court, we had an excellent time! We got to see Shaq, Rondo, Allen, Pierce, and the rest of the Celtics. The only one we missed was Garnett, since he was out with an injury.

Check out some photos in my Facebook album.

Below is a video of the starting lineup from the game.

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