This past week, I spent some time back at my home church-camp in IL. I was asked to be the missionary speaker, helping the kids know about ministry in New England. It was a great opportunity, and I really appreciated the chance to do it. I also taught a class on worship (explaining what it is and why we worship God) and led the music at various times. All of it was fun, but I think my favorite part of my responsibilities were talking to others about the ministry here in New Hampshire. Don’t get me wrong. I had a lot of fun playing my guitar (and realizing I am way out of singing practice), but when I got to share what God was doing in this part of the country, it was great. I had several campers and adults ask me why I would move so far away from my family, and it was cool to explain the whole thing. I have found that I am growing more and more excited about the missions/ministry here as time goes on, and I cannot wait to see what God continues to do through His people here in New England!

I also got to see my family and friends. I saw some at a wedding reception, and I saw many others at camp. Some of us even took a trip to Lamberts Cafe on Saturday, which was amazing. I spent 2 nights with my grandma, which was cool; I spent the week of camp serving alongside my mom, which is always great; and my dad let me ride his motorcycle around the yard, which was a bit scary (much bigger than my scooter!). Probably one of my most favorite parts of seeing family was when my parents, sister, and I went to see my 93-year-old great-grandma. My sister did an awesome job interacting with her, and I can tell that God is going to use her to be an incredible nurse! I am so proud of her. I only wish I was around more to see her. Although, that is the world we live in. Sometimes God calls us halfway across the country, sometimes He calls us to the other side of the world, and other times He calls us to our hometown. For now, this is where God wants Yvette and I to serve Him, and we are humbled to be His servants…even when it takes us away from many people we love.

On a side note, our high school group is heading on our mission trip to WorkcampNE soon, so we would appreciate your prayers.

2 thoughts on “Back from Camp

  1. It was great seeing you steve and being able to hear more about what God is using to do in New England

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