Salem does not really have a place where people (specifically teens) can hang out.  Sure, there is the mall or various ice cream places, but there is no place to relax and chill with your friends. Thus lies the root of my dream.

I think it would be awesome to have a coffee shop somewhere on Rt. 28. This could not only be a relax, but it could also be an excellent place for ministry to happen. It would not be a “Christian” business, but it would be a place where Christians could go to meet others and share Christ. It could be a place where live bands play. It would have amazing drinks and food. It would be open most hours of the day to accomodate people’s schedules. It would provide jobs for teens or adults. It would provide a safe place for teens to hang out. It would be a place where young adults could read or study.  It would be a place where parents and their teen children alike would feel comfortable. It would be a place where artists could show off their work in a gallery. It would be a place where people could go on dates, have a casual business meeting, or play some cards with friends.

While this has been a dream of mine for over 2 years, I have yet to find people who can make it happen. Unfortunately, I do not have money, do not know how to start or run a business, and I know very little about coffee. What I do know, however, is teen culture. This is needed for so many reasons. So, if you have any tugging at your heart or mind when you read about this, let me know. I would love to see this dream made a reality sometime in the very near future.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Coffee Shop Dream

  1. I have always thought Salem really needs a coffee shop (one that doesn’t close at 2 p.m.). I have given a lot of thought to it, and actually think the idea of a coffee shop/book store (of course more quaint than Barnes & Noble) would be great! Second hand books… Good thoughts, Steve. Have you heard about the proposed changes to the Salem depot? Perfect place for a coffee shop!

    1. @Jeanette – I’ve not heard about the plans for the depot. That would be a great place to put a coffee shop & used book store!

    1. @David – We have talked about it before. Financially, we’re not in a place to do something like that right now. It would involve a lot for the church to do it. Also, I personally don’t think this should be something ran by a church. I think it should be run by Christians, but not a church. The reason is because I want other people in the town to feel totally comfortable coming in.

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