Today, my wife and I headed down to Boston with the goal of doing a whale watching cruise. Once we arrived, though, we found out the wind and waves were too big out on the ocean, so they cancelled our cruise. We went ahead and rescheduled for next week, but then were confronted with the question of what to do. After some discussion and looking around, we decided to go on a tour of Fenway Park. I had been to several games, but I had never went on the tour.


It was a great tour. We were able to see the park from all perspectives, check out the visiting team clubhouse, and even sit in the Green Monster seats. Fenway is an amazing park, and it has so much history. Being the oldest baseball park in the US, you can imagine how many players have played there. While looking through the photos of past players/teams as we walked through the halls of the press box, a moment of nostalgia hit me. I wonder what it is like for a player today — to put on that jersey and realize they have this connection with all the players from the past. They are connected with others who have also called themselves a member of the Red Sox ball club. That has to be a really cool thing for them; at least, I hope they realize how cool that is!

I guess that is how it is for us, as Christians. When we “put on Christ” (Romans 13:14; Galatians 3:27), we are putting on the same jersey as those who have went before us. We are wearing the same clothes as people like Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, and C.S. Lewis. But it goes even further. When we put on that uniform, it is the same one the Apostles Paul, Peter, and John wore! We are all connected in a really cool way. Just as a member of the Red Sox today is connected with Ted Williams, we are connected to the great leaders of our faith. In fact, our connection is even stronger, and we should appreciate it even more. So, the next time you wake up and “put on Christ,” remember that you are connected — WE are connected — to so many others who have come before us and paved the way for us. Take that seriously, and let it strengthen your walk.


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