This last weekend was a holiday weekend, so my wife and I headed down to Boston again to spend our Saturday. Initially, we planned to cash in on our whale-watching trip that we were not able to do the week before, but we were also greeted with lots of family fun for the holiday. After a long day of riding on a boat to see some whales, we grabbed some dinner and watched a great firework show over Boston Harbor. It is so cool to be near a city that does things like this. We even watched a show last night on TV that talked about Boston’s “Green Way,” which is a stretch of actual grass in the city, where there are family-friendly activities, shops, and more. If you’ve not caught this from me before, I really enjoy Boston, and I highly recommend visiting sometime.

Also, we grabbed several photos while on the whale watching trip, but I was also able to get one on video. Enjoy that below.

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you can check out the photos.

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