This last month at our youth group, we taught our students about the Bible. We talked about who wrote it, when it was written, how was it compiled, how the stories are connected, and more. Overall, it was a lot to cover in just a couple weeks. Although, we felt it was necessary. We talk about the Bible all the time in church, but so often, our students don’t know the basics.


Our high school students’ small groups were not given suggested questions. Instead, we encouraged them to just ask whatever questions they have and discuss the Bible. Our middle school students did not have small groups during this series. Instead, they were combined into one big group and encouraged to anonymously ask questions by submitting them on a note card. Then, we discussed them as a group. Their questions were quite interesting. It gave a bit of insight into what they knew and didn’t know about this Holy Book. Here are some of their questions that stood out the most to me:

  • Why do some people in the Bible write more than others?
  • Were all of the authors of each story in the Bible Jewish?
  • Why did God think He needed to write the Bible?
  • How many people wrote the Bible?
  • Are some stories missing from the Bible?
  • What is so special about the people who God chose to write the Bible?

Maybe your group of middle schoolers are different, but here are a few things our students are wanting to know about the Bible. Maybe church youth ministries should address the Bible, as a whole, a bit more. If this book really is as special as we say it is, then perhaps we need to help our students understand why it is so important and what all had to happen for us to have it today.

Here are some additional questions from me, and I would love to hear your responses!

  • Does your church teach students about the “basics” of the Bible? If so, how do you go about it?
  • What are some ways you are succeeding to get students reading the Bible themselves?
  • How have you helped your students understand how all the stories of the Bible come together in one big story?

Also, here is a fantastic video of Matt Papa, who explains the entire story of God in 10 minutes. We showed it during our last teaching time, which really helped our students understand the big picture.


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