CreatingALeadSmallCulture_OrangeBooksMuch of what we do at RCC is centered around what we (and many other churches) call small groups. Even our children’s ministry is designed to be centered around smaller groups of kids with an adult leader. This allows for more growth and processing. How you do you create an environment like this? How do you help all people, kids through adults, feel like they belong? One resource I would recommend is “Creating a Lead Small Culture,” and you can now get it on Orange Books.

My friends over at Orange Books are offering some great deals this week. You can get any of the deals, any day this week, but I really like today’s featured deal:

Buy one copy of the book Creating a Lead Small Culture, and get all of the following:

  • “Transitioning to a Lead Small Culture” (Orange Conference 2014 breakout by Elle Campbell and Kenny Conley, audio file)
  • “Say Yes to a Lead Small Culture” (Orange Conference 2014 breakout by Carey Nieuwhof, audio file)
  • A three-month trial membership to Weekly (an online subscription to empower your small group leaders and parents)
Plus, when you tweet or share on Facebook any of the deals using the hashtag #OrangeBooks, you’ll be entered to win a prize.
Go to to learn more.



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