A lot of people have been asking what our itinerary will be like when we are in Haiti with Compassion International, visiting our sponsored child. Much of our trip will consist of checking our Compassion’s ministry firsthand, serving alongside them at their facilities, and seeing our little girl.

For a bit more information, here is the basic itinerary that Compassion gave us:

Day 1: Starting the Adventure
Our domestic travel is completed and we are in the Miami International Airport ready to get this adventure started. Midafternoon our American Airlines plane takes off and we are filled with wonder. Wonder about all we will see and experience and how God will use it. Our short flight is completed as we land in Port-au-Prince. Yes, we’re actually in Haiti! Loading luggage on the van, we board our bus for transfer to the hotel. Check in completed and time to settle in our rooms. During dinner, we have orientation and welcome to the country.

Days 2 and 3: Experiencing Compassion Firsthand
Off to learn about Compassion’s core programs we’ve read about and supported. Hugging those sweet babies, we can’t imagine what their early life would be without the Child Survival program. Testimonies from the mothers help us understand their literacy classes and Bible study as well as learning how to care for their babies and toddlers. Visiting one of the development center offices show us the meticulous care the staff takes with each child making sure they get the most out of their program. As the specialist shows and explains their Complementary Interventions, we will understand the value of these special funds that are used to help support additional needs, and interacting with the students will give us such hope for them and their future contribution to Haiti.

Day 4: Our Special Day
Is it really our special day? We thought it would never come and now we’re off to meet our sponsored child. What will it really be like? After playing, enjoying a delicious meal, sharing our hopes and dreams together, it’s time to give our gifts. Now parting words of advice, prayer, and a group photo bring it to a close. With hugs, waves and lots of tears, we go our separate ways but none of us will ever forget today.

Day 5: Bringing It All Together
Starting with devotions with the gifted Compassion country staff, our hearts are filled to overflowing with God’s amazing goodness. Then a tour of the office, complete with further explanations, ties it all together so we can go home prepared to share the real story. Of course we have to have gifts and souvenirs to take home so after lunch it’s off to shop and then finish with a stop at the grocery store. Tonight, some incredible young people join us for dinner. Some have completed Compassion’s program and others are university students involved in the Leadership Development program.

Day 6: Finishing the Experience
Our time together has flown by and we have experienced so much. Now we need to take it home and share our stories with those we come in contact with. May God give us the words and the opportunity to make Haiti and Compassion’s work come alive with what we saw firsthand.

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