A couple weeks ago, I began seeing people share videos of this youth group game. What was it? A real-life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. After checking it out and evaluating the cost, I thought this is something we have to do with our students. This past Wednesday at The Middle, our middle school program, we played it, and it was a blast! We are going to try it this Sunday with our high schoolers.

What you need:

  • One skateboard, rope, small bucket, and a large bag per team.
  • A large number of plastic balls (the kind from ball pits).


  1. Have each team of 3-4 players pick a side.
  2. Each team gets a skateboard, rope, small bucket, and large bag.
  3. One player will tie a rope around his/her waist and lie down on the skateboard.
  4. The other teammates will push and pull their teammate.
  5. The “Hippos” will use the bucket to chomp down on the plastic balls, and bring them back to their team.
  6. When the Hippos bring the balls back, their teammates will collect them in their team’s large bag.
  7. When all plastic balls are gone, the team with the most wins.

Important Notes:

  • The ropes need to be long enough to let each Hippo reach the middle of the room, but no further.
  • Instruct the Hippos to only collect plastic balls. Do not let them push themselves around. That is when fingers become exposed and get squished.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as we did!

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