Hungry Hungry Hippos – Youth Group Game

A couple weeks ago, I began seeing people share videos of this youth group game. What was it? A real-life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. After checking it out and evaluating the cost, I thought this is something we have to do with our students. This past Wednesday at The Middle, our middle school program, we played … Continue reading Hungry Hungry Hippos – Youth Group Game


YM Resource – Free eBooks for Youth Ministry

Ever since my wife received her Kindle as a birthday gift last year, I have loved the idea of digital books. In fact, I eventually bought myself one, and we are in the process of trying to figure out how to get all our bookshelves onto these little devices. Brandon Schmidt over at Youth Pastor … Continue reading YM Resource – Free eBooks for Youth Ministry

YM Resource: Interlinc conGRADulations

Over the past couple years, I've used Interlinc's resources quite a bit. For a time, I used their monthly YLO (Youth Leaders Only) subscription, but I also use their conGRADulations CD for out high school graduates. It's a great collection of music and video testimonies, designed for graduates. For example, the 2011 CD contains music … Continue reading YM Resource: Interlinc conGRADulations

YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Are you a parent or youth leader? Have you worried a bit about the safety of social networking, specifically Facebook? If so, I have the resource for you. ConnectSafely and the iKeepSafe Coalition have put together a 32-page guide called, "A Parent's Guide to Facebook." Also, there is a link below giving you a quick … Continue reading YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

If you are a youth worker or parent and have ever asked yourself, "What does that even mean?" when a teen sends you a text message, then this tool is for you. With the way culture is going, teenagers have even began moving "text speak" into their everyday spoken language. So, if you need help deciphering what … Continue reading YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

YM Resource –

Many of you know that one of my biggest hobbies is video games. In fact, I even blog for a site called WiiNintendo. This has taken me to places I never thought I would be, including the E3 Expo. Because I also am a student minister, I often think about how I can combine these … Continue reading YM Resource –

YM Resource – Teen Devotional Suggestions

NEW ADDITION TO MY YOUTH MINISTRY RESOURCE PAGE Over the past year, I've had several students of mine ask for devotional suggestions -- books they can use to help them get into reading the Bible on a regular basis.  I decided to put together a list of popular and useful devotionals.  This list is in … Continue reading YM Resource – Teen Devotional Suggestions

YM Resource – Christian Camps

One thing that I highly recommend is Christian (Church) Camp. There are many different camps out there, and most of them are great! Whether it is a summer camp, winter retreat, or family camp, be sure to look around your area. If the camp accepts individual registrations, encourage your students to attend camp. If they … Continue reading YM Resource – Christian Camps