Are you a parent or youth leader? Have you worried a bit about the safety of social networking, specifically Facebook? If so, I have the resource for you. ConnectSafely and the iKeepSafe Coalition have put together a 32-page guide called, “A Parent’s Guide to Facebook.” Also, there is a link below giving you a quick glance at some security settings you, as a parent, should make sure your children have in place. Facebook and other social networking sites are not horrible, but we do need to be smart when using them. It is crucial that parents take an active role in making sure this happens.

  • Click here to read or print out the 32-page guide (PDF).
  • Click here for an at-a-glance chart with their recommended privacy settings for teens – checkbox by checkbox.


7 thoughts on “YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

    1. I agree. I have set up a FB page for our youth group, and it’s great to keep in contact, share photos/videos, and stay connected through the week!

  1. Thanks for providing links to the easy to use info for parents. I’m a little concerned about the answer given to this question,
    “Education and Work – Generally OK to list your school. Consider not listing employer”.
    Later on the list it recommends not listing personal address, city, state, etc. I feel that listing one’s school name is almost as much of a giveaway. Better to leave it blank.

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