Social Media and the Church

Following my thoughts on Google Plus, I have been thinking a lot about social media the last couple days. Maybe it has to do with my involvement in the redesign of our church's website. Maybe it is because there seem to be so many social networks out there today. In fact, I believe I am … Continue reading Social Media and the Church


YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Are you a parent or youth leader? Have you worried a bit about the safety of social networking, specifically Facebook? If so, I have the resource for you. ConnectSafely and the iKeepSafe Coalition have put together a 32-page guide called, "A Parent's Guide to Facebook." Also, there is a link below giving you a quick … Continue reading YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Thoughts Behind Summer Programming

As many already know, our student ministry programming takes a different look in the summer.  We do not simply cancel our weekly programs; we just take another approach.  There are many reasons behind this.  Another youth minister, who serves at a church in Michigan, recently put together some of his thoughts on why they similarly … Continue reading Thoughts Behind Summer Programming

YM Resource – Online Networking

So, I am pretty sure most of you know this already, but I have found a huge benefit in online networking.  Here in New England, the culture is very on-the-go all the time.  They have sports events almost every night of the week.  They travel a lot in the summers.  They work.  Some of them … Continue reading YM Resource – Online Networking