Partnering with Parents to Talk about Sex

Whether you are a Christian leader or not, I think it is hard to deny that our culture is overly saturated with sex. Not only do we see it in the media, movies, and music, it has infiltrated most areas of our life. So, how do we, as youth workers, help parents walk through this … Continue reading Partnering with Parents to Talk about Sex

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

My parents are currently out celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on a cruise in the Bahamas. While I wish I was there with them, since I've never been on a cruise, I also cannot think of a better way for them to celebrate. They are together, in an area many refer to as "paradise," and … Continue reading Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Are you a parent or youth leader? Have you worried a bit about the safety of social networking, specifically Facebook? If so, I have the resource for you. ConnectSafely and the iKeepSafe Coalition have put together a 32-page guide called, "A Parent's Guide to Facebook." Also, there is a link below giving you a quick … Continue reading YM Resource – A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

If you are a youth worker or parent and have ever asked yourself, "What does that even mean?" when a teen sends you a text message, then this tool is for you. With the way culture is going, teenagers have even began moving "text speak" into their everyday spoken language. So, if you need help deciphering what … Continue reading YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

Student-Parent Small Groups

So, an idea that has been running through my head since a couple weeks ago is this idea of students and parents in the same small group at church.  I can only wonder how this could benefit families growing together in their faith. This all has to do with trying to blur those lines.  I … Continue reading Student-Parent Small Groups

Orange Conference – Moving Forward

Almost 3 weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Orange Conference.  This was my first conference in several years, and I was very excited to attend.  My experience, though, surpassed my expectations.  I have already shared my notes from each day on my blog, but I wanted to share some ideas I have on how … Continue reading Orange Conference – Moving Forward