Something many people do not know about me is that I was really close to signing up for the Navy when I was in high school. All the pressures of college were upon me, and I did not know what to do or how I was going to afford it. My electronics and computer networking teacher had us all take the ASVAB test, and apparently I did very well.

The next thing I know, a Navy recruiter was contacting me and telling me about the different programs. After talking to him while, I realized the officer program didn’t sound too bad. I could study computers, work behind the scenes, and go to school for free.

I then took the idea to my parents. And yes, it took a lot of convincing to get my mom to believe this wasn’t a bad idea. Even then, I wasn’t entirely convinced myself.

I kept thinking and praying about it. And over time, I realized the only reason I thought about going to the military was to go to college for free. I had no interest in putting my life on the line for my country. Sure, I wished I could. The idea of that sounded like something I should do, but that was not me. I did not feel I was called by God to do that with my life. So, my entering our country’s military would not be an act of sacrifice, but an act of getting what I wanted — a free education.

It was at that time that I decided the Navy was not for me.

I am very grateful to live in the United States. While it may not be perfect, most of the time, it is amazing.

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day in the US. It is a day when we stop to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom. While that was not me, I am incredibly grateful for those who did make that sacrifice. If they didn’t, I may not be able to live as I do in a relatively free country, able to worship God as I choose to do so, and allowed to share my faith with others without fear of government control.

In addition to all the freedoms of religions, speech, etc., it is a beautiful country. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience almost all of the different climates, cultures, and landscapes. From the plains of Illinois to the green mountains of New England and the Rockies of Colorado to the beaches of California and Florida, I am overwhelmed with the beauty of our country.

Now, imagine if we did not have the freedom to experience all that.

My love for my country comes in direct connection with my love for all the men and women who sacrifice on a regular basis for our country. As the saying goes, all gave some, but some gave all.

Today, take some time to consider the sacrifice.

Honor those who gave their lives.

If it wasn’t for their service, I might not even be able to write this blog!


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