A couple weeks ago, my wife and I took a short trip down to Boston to visit the Franklin Park Zoo. We thought it would be packed with school field trips, but there were not many people there at all. This helped to make it even more relaxing. Unfortunately, though, we did not get to pet and feed the giraffe, like we thought we would get to do. Maybe next time. Here is a quick video of the animals we saw on our trip.

It’s always important to get away for a bit, especially when you are married. There are so many things in life that can be overwhelming and get you down. I am grateful to have a wife who craves time away. If I forget to schedule something for us to do, she will be asking. That holds me accountable.

So, for those who are married, when was the last time you got away to just be with your wife and enjoy life together? For those who are planning on marriage down the line, keep this in mind when you start your life together. Don’t forget to have fun as a couple!

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