Have you wanted to attend The Orange Conference but never could make it happen due to the cost, location, or timing? Would you like to get a crash-course of the top-tier stuff from the conference in a one-day event? The Orange Tour is here for you! (Wow, that sounds like a bad infomercial… Sorry about that!)

In all honesty, this is a great event that combines the best aspects of The Orange Conference into a one-day (two-days in Irvine, CA) event. If you are near one of the 14 locations, I highly recommend you go with your entire church leadership. Yes, you can get a lot from reading the books, but there is something different about sitting in the same room with Reggie Joiner, John Acuff, Kara Powell, Doug Fields, and other amazing leaders as they discuss ministry.

Registration for the 2015 tour opens this Friday, June 11. The theme will be the same as the 2015 conference – JUST A PHASE. And the cost is only $59 per person (much cheaper than the full conference rate) if you register that first day!


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