Just over a week ago, iTunes version 12.2 came out. Among the changes was  the inclusion of Apple Music, a new streaming music service from Apple to compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio. If you have not signed up for your free three-month trial, I do recommend checking it out.

One of the other new features of Apple Music is their 24/7 worldwide radio station called Beats 1. This is a traditional radio station with DJ’s from three different locations broadcasting what they say is the best music, despite the genre. If you don’t want to listen to Beats 1, you can also listen to personalized radio stations from what used to be called iTunes Radio (similar to Pandora).

All this is great, and I am excited to play around with it more. I was a bit worried, though, that one of my favorite aspects of iTunes, the Internet Radio, would go away with the addition of Apple Music. This is a huge list of radio station that broadcast online. There are stations for practically every genre. It is one of the ways I listen to traditional radio stations when I don’t have an actual radio or when I’m not in the station’s broadcast area.

Luckily, Apple and iTunes have not done away with Internet Radio (yet). They have, however, buried it. If you are having trouble finding it, here is the easiest way to find it: 

  1. On the top-left of iTunes, you will see icons for music, movies, apps, etc. Click the menu (the three dots) to the immediate right of those icons.
  2. Find “Internet Radio” on that list, and make sure it is selected.

Now, you can easily get to Internet Radio whenever you want by clicking it’s icon (a radio antenna).


You can also view Internet Radio by clicking the “View” menu, and then finding it, probably in the “More” section of that menu.

This makes me wonder… Do you use Internet Radio in iTunes, or did you not even know it existed? If you do use it, what are your favorite stations?

One thought on “How to Find Internet Radio in iTunes

  1. thanks for the Internet Radio summary. I have always had this icon on my macbook air – but never on any other device. Can it be installed on iPad / iPhone / iPod?

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