It’s been a couple years since I’ve been at The Orange Conference, but this is the year I’m going back! And this year, the conference theme is “For Our Neighbors.” There are several things that make me excited about this year’s event, but here are the top three:

One of the reasons I’m excited to go this year is that my wife will be joining me for the first time. I’ve really enjoyed going to this conference over the years, but when I try to tell her all that I learned and experienced, it’s just not the same. This year, she can see and hear it for herself, and we can talk about it right then and there. I’m so pumped to share the conference with her this year!

I’m also excited, because God has opened the doors for me to get even more connected to the student ministry world over the past few years. Not only am I co-coordinator for the National Network of Youth Ministries in New Hampshire, but I’ve been hosting The Student Ministry Podcast, where I interview youth workers from all over the world. I’ve also gotten more connected with Download Youth Ministry and many of the awesome youth workers in that network. I’m not only looking forward to making more connections but also seeing some of the people I already know!

Finally, I’m really excited for the theme. God has been convicting me and many others recently that we have to get outside our church walls and make Him relevant again. Jesus didn’t sit around in a church office all the time and only teach the people who came to Him. He got out and met the culture. He hung out with people others avoided. He did ministry as He lived His life. That’s what I believe He is calling us to do as well, and I’m excited to get even more inspired to do just that.

Will you be at The Orange Conference this year? If so, make sure to hit me up! I’d love to meet you!

If you’ve not registered, do so today!

If you frequently read my blog, you know that I occasionally blog for Orange, I attend their events, and I often use their curriculum within my student ministry. This is not a sponsored post. Orange is a great company, and I am happy to consider them a partner and resource! I just wanted to let you know! 


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