While in high school, one of my favorite events was CIY‘s high school summer conference, which has since been named Move. I’ve always been a fan of their programs, and I’ve taken students to Believe (their middle school weekend conference), Superstart (their 4-6th grade weekend event), and I’ve also led my own trips to the summer conference. A few years ago, they started a week-long summer conference for middle school, though, called Mix.

After I arrived in Colorado and attended church on Sunday, I headed off to Glorietta, New Mexico, to attend CIY Mix with 38 middle schoolers and five other leaders from LifeBridge. It was a great week! The CIY team was excellent. The camp was really impressive. And to top it off, we had two students make first-time decisions to follow Christ, 15 who rededicated their lives to Him, and 35 say they want to be Kingdom workers and serve either within the church or out in the community for God!

Our creative director at LifeBridge Students, Jenny, put together this video to share our week with other students and parents, so I thought I would also share it with you, my lovely blog readers! Enjoy!!

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