Going Back to the Dominican Republic

Soon after I arrived at my new ministry at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO, last year, God allowed me to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with LifeBridge and GO Ministries. It was great, and now I get to lead a student and parent trip from March 24-31, 2018. During our … Continue reading Going Back to the Dominican Republic

Three Months Into a New Ministry

A couple days ago, I officially passed the three-month mark at my new ministry. In many ways, it feels like I have been here longer, but in other ways, I still feel very new. For those who have made transitions in ministry, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. Today's blog post isn't … Continue reading Three Months Into a New Ministry

CIY Mix 2017 with LifeBridge Students

While in high school, one of my favorite events was CIY's high school summer conference, which has since been named Move. I've always been a fan of their programs, and I've taken students to Believe (their middle school weekend conference), Superstart (their 4-6th grade weekend event), and I've also led my own trips to the … Continue reading CIY Mix 2017 with LifeBridge Students

First Sunday at LifeBridge

Today was my first Sunday at my new church, LifeBridge Christian Church, in Longmont, CO. As you may have read, God called me to move from New Hampshire to serve as the Student Pastor at LifeBridge, overseeing their 6-12th grade ministry. Currently, the students meet altogether on Sunday mornings for two worship times. Instead of … Continue reading First Sunday at LifeBridge