While I have attended the Orange Conference many times, last year was my first year attending the Orange Tour when it came to Boston. This year, I attended the Denver location with the family ministry team from my new church.

While much of the information was the same as the conference back in April of this year, I did grab some new information and was reminded of quite a few things that hit me from the conference. Here are some of the best quotes I heard at the Orange Tour 2017…

  • “How we treat our neighbors determines how others see the church” (Jon Acuff).
  • “Every kid is one caring adult from a success story” (Josh Shipp).
  • “Enthusiasm of young people is not part of your church’s problem; it’s your solution” (Kara Powell).
  • When speaking about crossing lines of cultural and racial diversity: “Bridge building is about being awkward, not comfortable” (Latasha Morrison).
  • “We’re better at teaching kids what to believe than we are at coaching them how to serve” (Reggie Joiner).

As with the Orange Conference, the main theme was clearly centered on loving our neighbors. And as Christians, we need to get better at this. The world is filled with people who do not totally understand Jesus, the church, and faith, because we have not modeled it the best. Jesus said His new commandment for us is to love as He loves.

How are you working on loving others better in your church and community? How are you being a better neighbor?

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