Over the years, I’ve realized more and more than family ministry cannot be ministry in a silo. In fact, by its very nature, it requires the church to think beyond our individual ministries in order to reach the entire family. The Orange Conference is also that kind of an event, designed for everyone on your church’s ministry staff — not just the children’s and student minister.

The Orange Conference has something for everyone. Yes, there are clearly workshops and main talks that address our work with kids and students, but there are also tracks for worship, small groups, special needs, outreach, and senior ministers. While other events are designed for specific ministries, one of the things I enjoy most about Orange is that it is church-wide. It has to be if the philosophy is really going to take hold.

So, when you think about going to the conference in 2018, and I hope you do, I encourage you to also strongly consider taking along more than just your children’s and student staff. Grab your worship minister and the person over adult small groups. Grab the pastor in charge of outreach. And maybe more importantly, grab your senior minister.

A couple years ago, Orange even added an even more special track for senior leaders, because they know that a charge this big in family ministry has to start from the “top” with the primary leaders within a church. They tend to set the pace for everyone else, so they created the ReThink Leadership, a parallel event with The Orange Conference, designed for senior pastors, elders, and other senior leaders.


On top of all this, one of the best experiences I have had going to a conference was when our entire ministry staff went together. After each session, we could share our highlights. We also got the chance to debrief right then and there about possible application with our church. And we got to have fun together, which played into our future teamwork. If you have never taken all your staff to an event like this, I highly recommend trying it!

Hopefully, I’ll see you and your ministry staff at The Orange Conference 2018. If you haven’t registered yet, go sign up today, because tickets are limited, and they always sell out! Just follow the buttons below to find out information about Orange and ReThink and to register online.

OC_Event         RL_Event_180x111

Also, it’s ORANGE BLOGGER WEEK, so make sure you also check out the following list of bloggers, who are also writing about Orange this week!


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