This year, I keep getting reminded that not everyone thinks of Christmas in a positive light. In fact, many people get depressed around the holiday season. The amount of people who commit suicide even goes up before, during, and right after Christmas. If this is you, I just want to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for all of us who forget your pain in the middle of our busyness.

The true meaning of Christmas is the hope we have in Jesus. Through God coming down in human form, He showed us that He is not a God who just sits on His heavenly thrown. He is Immanuel, God with us. He is a God who wanted to meet us where we are, experience life as one of us, and eventually take our punishment. He was born to live and die for us. And His resurrection that we will celebrate in just a few months at Easter means He conquered death, and through Him, so can we.

Many of you who read my blog on a regular basis already believe in Jesus, and you have committed your life to serve Him and the church. Many of you are fellow youth workers. So, you might be thinking at this point, “Why are you sharing the Gospel, Steve? We already know this!” Here’s why…

It is so important that we not forget it!

In the middle of all the craziness, don’t forget Jesus. And don’t forget to share Him with others who don’t have a great opinion of Christmas. Yes, many of us are even paid by the church to teach teenagers about Jesus, but how many of us are sharing Him with the people we come into contact with at the grocery store, mall, or post office? Many of those people are not looking forward to the holiday season. And many of them don’t know what it is like to have the hope of heaven.

I know many of us in student ministry get a bit of a break while our preachers, worship ministers, and others are running around trying to get ready for Christmas Eve services and more. But there are some of us in student ministry who are equally busy. No matter where you fall in all that, remember that we need to practice what we preach!

So, as we go around this season getting all your presents, practicing your Christmas Eve message, preparing all your food, asking people to volunteer at church, decorating your home, and even driving around, let’s be sure to share the true message of Christmas with a world in need. Let’s set an example for our students, our families, and our churches. We have a message that the world needs to hear! Let’s take it to them!

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