Near the end of the Orange Conference 2019, Gerald Fadayomi spoke about another one of the questions Reggie Joiner brought up on the first night: Do you know what I can do? Here is a quick rundown of what he said…

We know what they can do.
We know what they can really do.


Peter and fishing story: Jesus reaches into Peter’s heart and pulls out his potential.

Isn’t that what we want to do for all the children on this earth?

God doesn’t need us but He allows us to be a part of those moments.

We need to do 3 things we need to do in order to steward this opportunity God gives us:

  • Jesus gets into Peter’s boat. 
  • Jesus spoke to Peter’s need.
  • Jesus calls them to more.

We need to get out of our contexts and get into their world. 

What if we spent more time trying to get more students to show up at our church and started training our leaders how to show up in students’ lives?

Students will believe they are significant when they are invited to do something significant.

What would it look like we started to do ministry differently? What if we stopped doing ministry for students and started doing it with students?

We can’t get into every student’s boat, but we can do it for one. Pick a person and get personal.

It only takes one person getting personal for a kid to reach their potential. That person could be you.

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