When Clay Scroggins was in college, he felt like that was the time when God was really using him. As he felt his call to go into full-time ministry, his biggest fear about going into ministry was that he was going to spend all his time around Christians. But he recently realized he is now living in his biggest fear. Today at the Orange Conference, he talked a bit about this as he urged us to stop hiding in the church.

Here are the highlights from his talk.

They have 2 big values at his church:

  1. Make it better
  2. Take it personally

He noticed, though, that when we started telling stories, they were less about the things happening in his own life and about how great their systems and processes had become. The longer we’re in ministry, the more we’ll drift toward “make it better” and away from “take it personally.” When our make it better stories outpace our take it personally stories, look out for danger!

It’s not how many came inside the building. It’s about how many of the people inside the building we can get in the lives of the people not in the building. You’ll never change the way the community sees the church until you change the way the church sees the community.

You take it personally when your connection with someone becomes personal.

He ended with the story of the lame man in Mark 2. His friends felt his pain, and they did whatever they could to get him to Jesus, including digging a hole through a roof and lowering their friend down to Jesus. When Jesus saw THEIR faith, he told the man his sins were forgiven. Jesus was moved not by what they believed but what they did because of what they believed.

If our goal is to be the hope of the world, we’ve got to stop hiding in our church.

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