As many of you know, Doug Fields has been one of my mentors from afar over the past 15+ years. This year at Orange Conference, like many others, he talked about the importance of making it personal to us.

Here is a rundown of his main points. (FYI, when I use “I,” that’s actually Doug speaking.)

I had very negative perceptions of my parents until I became a parent.

When parenting become personal… it actually became more important to my ministry.

Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when your ministry becomes personal.

But that’s not the message in our subculture. Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when you have a platform. The problem with that is that it’s leading from a distance.

Discipleship doesn’t happen from a distance.

Jesus and woman in the crowd who touches Him and receives healing (Mark 5):

  • He stops and cares for her.
  • The Good Shepherd will leave the 99 to reach the 1.
  • Seems reckless until you’re the 1.
  • When you turn your back to the crowd to go after the 1, many will not understand what you’re doing.
  • Jesus makes eye contact and it becomes personal.
  • The lady became the center of attention.
  • Uses the word “daughter” when telling her she has been healed.
  • She went from feeling like a nobody to a somebody.

When leadership goes personal, it builds confidence.

Leadership is often messy. And sometimes the most beautiful type of leadership is the leadership that stops and goes to talk to the one in need.

What if our greatest ministry is not to MORE? What if it’s actually about getting personal with the one in need?

This is a big conference with big ideas from big personalities who have big platforms. Don’t feel like that’s the goal.

Pain doesn’t stop. Even as he heals this lady, someone else comes along to tell him about someone else in pain. Then Jesus leaves the crowd again and cares for the one.

The crowd laughed at Him, but Jesus made the crowd leave. He then went to the person/family in need, who was then overwhelmed and amazed at Jesus.

You can impress crowds from a distance, but you influence people up close.

The only people who really like crowds: speakers, performers, number counters. Most people don’t go to a big church to anonymously attend. They go there for a leader who will make it personal.

The goal is not to draw a crowd. It’s to impact people.

Jesus said our new commandment is to love each other. Let’s do that!

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