Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved getting together with large groups of like-minded people. Sure, I wouldn’t have articulated it like that when I was five, but looking back now, that’s definitely what I was feeling. I started by going to bigger church events with my grandparents, but it really took off when I began attending camps and conferences on my own. So, yes, I’m very excited about the National Youth Worker Convention this year, but let me take a moment to tell you more about why I’m so excited.

First of all, let’s talk about the theme. This year is the 50th anniversary of Youth Specialties’ NYWC, and the theme is all about being TOGETHER. As someone who has been in student ministry for about 15 years, I can easily say I need others around me. Of course, I cannot ignore that it is God who works in and through us, but in a very real way, we need each other. We need God working through others to encourage us, cry with us, celebrate with us, mold us, teach us, and pursue God’s mission with us.

Here is how YS puts it on the NYWC website:

Because when youth workers get TOGETHER we realize we are in a safe place to process our frustrations or to simply just be — whether it’s tired, vulnerable or just ourselves. Because when we are TOGETHER we can also be refreshed, recharged, reenergized. When we are TOGETHER we become one body, strengthening each other, encouraging each other and working TOGETHER to reach the world. So, let’s get together. The veterans, the G.O.A.T.s, the rooks, and everyone in between.

We are better.
We are stronger.
We are ready for what’s next.
When we are TOGETHER.

They are having some of the best and well-known ministry leaders there to share their wisdom. People like Doug Fields, Reggie Joiner, Josh Griffin, Tom Shefchunas, Danielle Strickland, Jonathan McKee, Mark DeVries, Virginia Ward, Duffy Robbins, Kurt Johnston, Walt Mueller, Tic Long, Marvel Penner, Mark Oestreicher, Les Christie, Kara Powell, Jim Burns, Heather Flies, Greg Stier, Jeanne Mayo, and so many more are hanging out with us for a few days to talk ministry and encourage us. How amazing is that!?

If that hasn’t convince you why I’m so excited, check out this promo video and convince me this won’t be one of the best ever youth ministry events.

I’m also going to be a part of the NYWC Blogging Team again this year. You can check out more info about that team on the YS Blog. I’ll also be sharing more about what to expect from my blog and social media in a post I’m publishing tomorrow, November 19, 2019.


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