The National Youth Workers Convention is this week. Many of you will be there right alongside me, learning from some of the best veteran youth workers our churches have. You’re going to be taking fervorous notes and most certainly miss something. Some of you might not be able to make it at all, and you might feel like you are missing out.

Have no fear, because the NYWC Blogging Team is here to help! (Okay, that was really cheesy… but it’s true.)

I’m excited to be a part of the team this year that will be covering NYWC from our keyboards and smartphones. Throughout the event, we’ll be attending all of the “Big Room” events and many of the breakout workshops.

If you want to follow us, here’s what you need to do:

  • Bookmark and subscribe to our individual blogs.
  • Bookmark and subscribe to the Youth Specialties’ blog.
  • Follow us on social media.
  • Follow the hashtag #NYWC19 on social media.

You can find links to all of our blogs and social media on the YS Blog.

I have also made a Twitter list of all the bloggers. Feel free to follow the list and/or follow each of us individually.

Throughout the event, we’re going to be sharing recaps, quotes, and interviews that you don’t want to miss. Even if you are at NYWC, following the blogging team could be a good way to refresh yourself what a specific speaker said that you didn’t remember once you got home or back to your hotel.

Tomorrow, November 20, I’ll be posting another blog right here with my plans for NYWC 2019, including the breakouts I have been assigned to cover and other things you can expect from me throughout the week.


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