Albert Tate kicked off the Big Room talks at NYWC 2019 talking about remixes. A remix is when you take something old and make it new again. In ministry, we need God to remix our souls and our lives. We need Him to do something new with something old in our lives. We need this, because what was once a passionate pursuit will become mundane. But what we do it too important, so we need God to remix our lives.

Each of the Big Room talks are going to cover a different aspect of the word TOGETHER. Albert spoke about the companionship that comes from being together. His primary Scripture was from Luke 7.

Jesus does 3 things in Luke 7:

  1. Says, “Don’t cry.”
  2. Says, “I see you.”
  3. Touches the dead boy.

The woman in Luke 7 was in a lot of trouble, and then Jesus comes! At first, it seems Jesus is being disrespectful by telling her not to cry. But the word Jesus uses is better translated as wailing in a way where there is no hope. 

Some of you might be in a similar position as the woman. But just like Jesus told the woman, Albert says, “Don’t cry. Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel. God is going to use you for His glory!” God sees you!

That’s one of the reasons NYWC exists. We can encourage one another. We can help each other. We can comfort each other. If you have never been to this convention, this is one of the main reasons why you should be here.

Just like God saw the woman, He sees you. And we need to see each other.

“God isn’t blown away by your needs. He is drawn to you by them.” If you’re in the ditch of your life, Albert reminded us that we have a God who jumps down in the ditch with you. Don’t believe the lie that you are alone. Not only does God see you, but NYWC is filled with a bunch of people who also want to get in the ditch with you.

As Albert said, “I’m so glad we have a God who will touch the unclean things in life and make them clean.” You may have something dead, but Jesus wants to bring the dead back to life. He has come to bring transformation. 

Don’t forget your calling. Don’t give up. As Albert closed his talk, he reminded us, “God is going to do great things. And what He wants to do through you, He wants to do first in you.”


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