In her Orange Conference 2023 talk, Katie Edwards talked about how to act on all the things we learn at the conference.

Many times, we go to conferences and get overwhelmed by all the things we must do. So with good intentions, many of us take lots of notes, we start lots of lists, and we have lots of ideas, but… the amazing gift we have received sits on the shelf.

What are we truly going to do with this gift in order for it to not sit on the shelf yet again this year?

3 questions to ask ourselves:

  • Where is the common thread between where God is already at work and where we need to go to work?
  • What is one thing that you want to deep dive into once you get home?
  • What is one thing to think about or process outside my comfort zone?

Choose 2 people to unpack the conference with.

Have 1 prayer moment before you leave.

Katie shared, “Do not leave here without thinking about where to start.”

Be thoughtful about that, because tomorrow starts with you.

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