Have you been wanting to plan ahead but keep running out of time? Coleader just launched something called Roadmaps, which give you a suggestion for an entire year of programming. And if you want to swap out a series for something else (something you created in-house or from their growing library of high quality series), you can easily customize the Roadmap to fit your ministry.

Simply put, Roadmaps are a suggested scope and sequence for an entire year of student ministry programming. Each one contains a thoughtful explanation for the range of content covered, the reasoning behind the suggested content, consistent formatting for all the content, information about the authors of each piece of content, and easy methods to adapt to your ministry context. On top of that, you do not have to buy the entire Roadmap. Use your Coleader credits only on the content you need.

Here how the pricing of Coleader works:

  • You purchase credits, and spend them on any content you need to use on the Coleader platform. 
  • Get started for as low as $5 per program (~$250 for a year), with options to purchase a month or a year at a time, with multiple options in between as well. 
  • Special offer for May 2023: Prices go up soon! But you can lock in the current, discounted prices FOR LIFE by purchasing by May 31.

Check out the video below for more information on the Year 1 Roadmap.
(more Roadmaps coming soon)

About the Coleader Year 1 Roadmap

Coleader Year One provides balance of structure and flexibility. We provide 12 months of direction for your teaching and events, but Coleader’s flexibility allows you to easily replace any series with over 200 weeks of alternative teaching series and events from the Coleader library.

Coleader’s Year 1 Roadmap has five goals: (1) to help teenagers grow spiritually, (2) to provide a teaching plan that parents and church leadership feel confident in, (3) to enhance Biblical literacy by studying and learning from passages and books across the Bible, (4) to encourage students to engage with the Bible for themselves and spark vulnerable conversations with their leaders and parents, and (5) to provide comprehensive yet flexible teaching plan for the full school year. 

The 12-month teaching curriculum centers on Old Testament, New Testament, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, and Hot Topics. Each weekly teaching centers on Scripture and moves to personal and practical application. All teaching is appropriate for 6-12th grade and is user-friendly for leaders.

And everything you need for every lesson is included (i.e. teaching script, outlines, small group discussion guides, games, presentations, transition videos, social media, music/song recommendations, etc.)

The 17 events included in Coleader Year One have been curated with a focus on 4 youth ministry pillars: Adult Volunteers, Parents, Serving Opportunities, and Special Events. Each seasonally specific event has been designed to make planning and execution effortless. Events include complete minute-by-minute programs, promotional graphics, presentations, games, videos, activities, shopping lists, pre-event planning tips, reproducible print pieces, etc.

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