Coleader is a FREE tool that youth leaders can use to prepare a dynamite student ministry program every week. But if you need some help, you can subscribe or use credits to purchase entire series of programs from their growing catalog.

Because it’s a new tool, I went ahead and created a quick demo of how to navigate and use the website to search their library, check out the new Roadmap feature, and create a series/program for your ministry.

If you use this link, you can get 40 FREE credits (no credit card needed). Go ahead and start using Coleader today!!

Here how the pricing of Coleader works: 

  • You purchase credits, and spend them on any content you need to use on the Coleader platform. 
  • Get started for as low as $5 per program (~$250 for a year), with options to purchase a month or a year at a time, with multiple options in between as well. 
  • Special offer for May 2023: Prices go up soon! But you can lock in the current, discounted prices FOR LIFE by purchasing by May 31.

Want to learn more about Coleader? Check out these other blogs posts.

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