GameChurch Shares Jesus with Gamers

Do you have gamers in your youth group? Are you a gamer yourself? If so, make sure you check out GameChurch! I've been associated with this great organization for a couple years now as a writer for their website. But the first time I heard about them was many years ago at either E3 or … Continue reading GameChurch Shares Jesus with Gamers

YM Resource –

Many of you know that one of my biggest hobbies is video games. In fact, I even blog for a site called WiiNintendo. This has taken me to places I never thought I would be, including the E3 Expo. Because I also am a student minister, I often think about how I can combine these … Continue reading YM Resource –

Christians and Guitar Hero Type Games

I was just given a link by a friend here at the church.  It was an article recently written about a new Guitar Hero type game called Guitar Praise.  It's basically a Guitar Hero replica but with Christian Rock (similar to the Dance Dance Revolution games that have been given a Christian makeover). At first … Continue reading Christians and Guitar Hero Type Games