This past weekend, Yvette and I flew to California for a national video game championship — Wii Games Summer 2010. It all started last month when we competed at our local Six Flags. As several of our high school youth group students cheered us on, we ended up winning the adult category, securing our spot in the championship.

All in all, it was a great trip. We did not place in the finals, but we had lots of fun! The weekend was all paid for by Nintendo of America. We stayed near the water at Redondo Beach, and all our food and entertainment was covered! We even got “finalist” track jackets, board games, and were allowed to play many unreleased games. Thanks to Nintendo!

Below is the link to my WiiNintendo article, where I wrote a lot more. It also includes more photos and videos of the trip. Later today and this week, I will post additional photos and videos from the trip that were non-Nintendo-related.

My WiiNintendo Article

For those of you who did not know I blogged for a Nintendo website, please visit my “about page” and read the last paragraph. :-)


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