So, that whole apartment thing…  Turns out that’s not going to happen for a while.  Apparently, I do not make enough money (hint hint… joking).  After looking at my budget again and being told by the apartment complex that my income to rent ratio is not high enough, I have decided to stay at RHM and wait for a cheaper place.  Please continue to pray for me, as I hope to find a place closer to Salem ASAP.  I really want to be closer to the people to which I am ministering.

Other than that, I wanted to let you all know that I preached this past Sunday at RCC.  I believe the message went well.  It was the first time I have ever preached three services in a row.  It was also a challenge to keep it under the 20 minute time limit.  All in all, I think it was good.  I believe God spoke through me (still amazed that He enjoys doing that), and people told me how they appreciated what they heard.  Some of my best comments/encouragements were that I seemed to hit everyone where they were, which is always a good thing.  If you want to listen, it is available online and through podcast through RCC’s website.  Click here to listen online.  You can also subscribe to our podcast by clicking here.

Yvette left today.  It was really good to have her here for a while.  It is tough to be so far away from her.  While here, she was able to meet with the staff/leadership of Sojourn Collegiate Ministries in Boston.  We ate brunch with them and took a tour of some major Boston colleges/universities.  After meeting with them, she decided to come out next summer to check out the ministry first-hand.  I am really excited about this, and I know she is.  It is really cool to see her passion grow for New England and the college students here.  It’s awesome to know that she feels called out here, especially since I’m already here (icing on the cake for me!  haha).

Please continue to pray for my finance situation.  I plan on sending follow-up letters this coming week to remind people that I am still searching for financial support.  If you know anyone or any church that might be interested in helping me, please let me know.

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