So, I just got back a couple days ago from a trip back home.  It was great being with family and friends again, whom I haven’t seen since October.  Here are some highlights:

  1. Spending time with Yvette (my girlfriend), who actually flew back out to NH with me.
  2. Flying – I love flying!
  3. Hanging out with my parents and sister in Chicago.
  4. Seeing everyone in Lincoln.
  5. Getting gifts, most of which were DVDs & CDs, because they are about the only things that could fit in my luggage.
  6. Seeing my little cousin, Aaron, who is growing up so fast.
  7. Having fun in Chicago with Dann, Heather, Yvette, and Heather’s family.
  8. Getting away from the snow for a week.

We just got an inch of snow here in southern NH, but the roads are already cleared off.  I’m getting ready for a New Year’s Eve lock-in we’re having here at RCC for the high school students.  It should be a lot of fun, and I am pretty excited.

After this is all over, I have a busy January ahead of me — planning lessons, taking a group to a retreat, planning activities, thinking about summer plans.  The biggest of which is probably moving!  I might have an apartment in Salem, so I will hopefully be moving on January 12.  I’m really excited about this if it all works out, as I will be in the same city as the church and many of the students!  Pray that everything goes well with this.

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