Are you really wanting to attend a Bible college, but finances are standing in the way?  I know what you mean.  Public/state universities are expensive enough, and most private schools are even more of a strain on the bank account.  If you are looking for some extra help, I wanted to pass along 2 scholarship opportunities:

Feel free to pass these links along to anyone who may find them useful.  I know how beneficial my Bible college education was, and I pray that money does not stand in the way of anyone else having that opportunity.  Of course, my personal recommendation is my alma-mater, Lincoln Christian University.

2 thoughts on “YM Resource – Bible College Scholarships

  1. So why do people go to Bible College? I dont understand what one gains by going, apart from maybe studying history, but then one could study biblical history as a religious studies major at most institutions?

    1. One reason the solid biblical basis you get from classes and other activities on campus. Another is the ability to connect with others who are strong in their faith. The main reason is to study for ministry careers. Sure you can study religious studies at a public/state university, but it is not the same. Not to mention, professors are passionate about helping you and they are strong in their faith, instead of professors who are just teaching out of a book and they don’t always believe it themselves. Above all, I think it is EXTREMELY important to connect with a group of Christians no matter where you go to college. If God doesn’t nudge you go to go a Bible college, then be sure to get involved in a campus ministry and/or church near campus.

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