Handling Money in Youth Ministry

A few years ago, I wrote about counting money as a youth minister, but I felt it was time for a follow-up. Other than the people who handle offerings, it is quite possible that a youth minister handles the most money within a church. Between retreats, mission trips, pizza parties, and much more, students and parents … Continue reading Handling Money in Youth Ministry

YM Resource – Bible College Scholarships

Are you really wanting to attend a Bible college, but finances are standing in the way?  I know what you mean.  Public/state universities are expensive enough, and most private schools are even more of a strain on the bank account.  If you are looking for some extra help, I wanted to pass along 2 scholarship … Continue reading YM Resource – Bible College Scholarships

To My Financial Supporters

The following is a letter I sent out to my financial supporters on January 26, 2009, informing them that their commitment time is up. Dear Friends and Family, I first want to thank you so much for your continued support of the ministry in New England.  Your prayers, finances, and kind words mean so much.  … Continue reading To My Financial Supporters