Yesterday, I had the privilege of heading up to Gunstock Mountain with a couple of the guys from the youth group. We were blessed to have free tickets to SoulFest. After getting there, and it being the first time for any of us, we decided we would just hang out for a bit and see the booths. After a while, we got in line for the ski lift, because Jon Foreman (lead singer of Switchfoot) was performing at the mountaintop stage. Little did we know, they wanted to charge us $10 for a full-day pass we’d only be able to use once by that time. So, being cheap and poor, we decided to hike up the mountain. Big mistake! While I do not know how far we walked, the hike did take us a good 45 minutes, and most of that was straight uphill. By the time we got there, we were panting and covered in sweat. However, Jon Foreman was great! It was a really cool experience to hear great music on the top of a mountain. After the hike back, we got some food, looked around, and grabbed a seat for the evening concerts on the main stage — Phil Joel, Paul Colman, Hawk Nelson, and Switchfoot. I was reminded how much I really enjoy Switchfoot. They are so good in concert!

Overall conclusions from our experience:

  1. Be sure to see Switchfoot in concert if you have not done so lately.
  2. Make sure to take the lift to the top of Gunstock Mountain, even if you have to beg for money.

Check out some photos from SoulFest 2010 on my Facebook Photo Album.

One thought on “SoulFest 2010

  1. Great article, thanks for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed and am looking forward to reading more from you.
    Keep up the good work and don’t stop posting please.

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