Our lead minister at RCC was on vacation on February 27, 2011, and he asked me to preach in his absence. The topic was “A Second Chance for Those Caught in Sin” as a part of our “People of the Second Chance” series. The main Scripture I used was from John 8:1-11, and the main points come from Jesus’ final words to the woman caught in adultery. He says two things: “Neither do I condemn you,” and “Leave your life of sin.”

You can listen to our podcast recording of the message below, or you can visit RCC’s podcast page to listen to this and others.

[audio http://sermonplayer.com/download.php?c=16675-count_audio_download-2620246]

One thought on “A Second Chance for Those Caught in Sin

  1. Hey Steve, great points, I just downloaded this and am gonna listen to it. Hope things are good with you and your guys. Look forward to the next time our paths cross!


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