I’ve been a reader/follower of Tim Schmoyer’s “Life in Student Ministry” blog for quite a while. As a reader, I’ve often thought Monday’s “Time Out” devotional thoughts were great. In fact, they have helped me get focused on many occasions. The other day, they made a request for more writers, and I thought to myself that it might be a good time to start giving back to a resource that has helped me. So, after a couple emails, I am on the team. Expect the first one in a couple weeks. I’m really excited about God using me to encourage other youth leaders. Pray for me, so that I will be able to interpret God’s wisdom into a few devotional thoughts.

One thought on “Trying Something New – Time Out

  1. hey there everybody i want to type down a couple of verses and then that will be all for today2nd timothy chapter 4 verse 1 i charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his apperaing and his kingdom
    See that says after Jesus Christ comes back and jugdement day comes which God and Jesus are going to judge all of us and especially this nation and every orther nation in
    this world for the sins and things that we do because if your not in the will of God and your name isnt written in the Lambs book of life your going to be cast down into hell and your going to spend an eternity there which is a place were you dont want to go
    because let me tell you in hell you will be in a lake of fire and brimstone were you will be tormented forever and the soul never dies or would you rather be in heaven were you can spend eternity with God and Jesus Christ and see crystal lakes and see all the beautiful wonders of heaven because heaven is a beautiful placeand i would rather be in heaven instead of the stupid devils hell and God is going to judge all of usfor the things we do wrong but thats why we all need to pray and seek the Lord thy Gods face through Jesus Christ for the devil brings this nation down even worser shape than it is now

    verse 2 Preach the word be instant in season out of season reprove and rebuke h long suffering and doctrine see thats what we should be like today in the world testifers of the Holy God and Jesus Christ tell poeple how wonderful they are and how much they do for this world and bring people to them to were they can be in Gods Glory instead of the devils treachery
    Today i was watching the news and Obama and the people that is supporting him and working beside him is trying to take peoples social security checks away from the people and trying to take SSI checks away from the ppeople and everything else how are people going to live how are people going to pay there bills
    Well theres nothing the people of this nation can do because Obama is trying to take over and act likes hes God and trust me theres noone that can be God except Jehoviah God himself and
    people are going to regret the wicked ways they do in this country and the people dont even have a right to speak well sonner or later Obama is going to have a riot on him hes goign to regret everything hes doing to the decent people in this country
    theres eldery people disabled people out there that has to have a check to live and have a way to get around and have food to eat and he acts like he dosent even cares well the people thats supporting him i kid you not your going to regret everything your doing for this man when you dont have food to eat no way to get around and everything else and people we need to be
    a nation under God again and testify these kinds of things and be holy for our God and Lord Jesus Christ or were just going to let the devil get what he wants so plz make Jesus Christ your Lord and saviour and be his holy servant and you wont regret it Godbless

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