When life gets really busy, what do you do? This is a question I’ve talked about with several people in my life. It seems everyone has a plan, but they are all different. Some people make to-do lists. Others start delegating. Some will prioritize. Still, others will start taking out things that don’t seem to have a high priority. Yet, some people just stop trying.

While I find myself doing a hybrid of a few of these, it got me thinking about busyness in ministry. While it can be overwhelming when we think about all the people in the world who do not have a relationship with Jesus, I wonder if the first Disciples were known as being busy. Certainly, they had a sense of urgency that many in the modern church lack, but would they have said they were busy? I guess it all depends on the definition of the word. Many today would look at busy as a negative thing, but others thrive on being busy. When it all comes down to it though, I think God wants us to constantly be working for His kingdom. Sure, enjoy your Sabboth rest, but when that is over, get back to work.

This is a tough thing for me to remember, as it is quite often that I get busy doing “church stuff” but forget my overall calling — to help the world know about the Savior. Yes, much of what I do contributes to that, but there are times when I wonder just how much time the early Disciples would have spent updating a church events webpage. I have a feeling that they would instead be out in the community meeting people and living out the Gospel.

Just a thought… What do you think?


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