Earlier this summer, I read that the David Crowder Band was calling it quits after this year. While that was bad news, I also read their last tour would include the band, Gungor. At that point, I had only heard a little bit of their music, but I did like it. Today, I used my recent invitation to Spotify, and listened to their entire “Beautiful Things” album. Overall, I highly recommend that you check it out.

The song that stands out to me so far is one called, “The Earth is Yours.” It’s a fun song that captures the idea that God is over all. The chorus shouts, “Holy, holy, holy, holy Lord. The earth is Yours.” It’s one of those tunes that I can just imagine singing over and over again in worship to God.

Instead of me rambling on and on, I will close with the song, and I want to encourage you to check out the rest of “Beautiful Things.”

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